cars in front of the moraga facility

This review is long overdue. In January my 98 year old grandmother needed SNF care after being hospitalized with the flu. Moraga Post Acute is an outstanding facility! All staff is very friendly and professional. Great, caring CNAs, nurses, therapists. All of the patient’s needs, and beyond, were met not only by medical staff but also by other workers – admin, kitchen, activities. I also have to thank all housekeeping staff, they are doing an outstanding job by keeping the patient’s room and the whole facility clean. The discharge home was smooth and well organized by the Social worker Lisa. Thank you, everyone, for taking such great care of our mother, grandmother, and great grandmother! We all highly recommend this place!

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO from the families

My 91-year old mother-in-law broke her hip during the Corona virus outbreak, and we have been unable to visit and comfort her. We feel so fortunate that she was cared for by Moraga Post-Acute after her surgery. The staff has been exemplary in their kindness to my mother-in-law and in their contacts with us. They made a difficult situation bearable. We would highly recommend them.

Ake G.

This review is long overdue. In February of this year, my father had a bad fall resulting in multiple fractures. After hip and elbow surgeries resulting in no weight-bearing for 6 weeks, we decided to take my father to Moraga Post Acute for his rehab. He was visiting from Portland, OR so our main goal was to find a facility that provided the perfect balance of physical therapy and care so that we could get him home quickly. Moraga Post Acute was just that.

My father’s physical and occupational therapists, Lauren, Nick & Steve were the reason that he recovered so quickly and so well. They gave him the personal attention that his case needed and worked on gaining back strength within his limitations. They all really worked very hard and diligently to get my father up and mobile.

The facility was also great. Beautiful grounds, well maintained, clean and spacious accommodations. Great food selection and a very attentive staff. Everything runs very smoothly under the great management of Lisa.

Bringing my father here was the best choice. The attentiveness and quality care that he received at Moraga Post Acute is the reason that he is back to his usual activities after such a serious fall.

Ayesha A.

This facility is OUTSTANDING!! it was the very BEST places I could ever had my husband, a second time stroke patient at. Great, warm and caring CNA’s Nurses and Admin staff. Rehab Therapists too– SHOUT!! If you come here and notice the modern, beautiful & homey rooms you’ll know its as close to home as close can be!! They also sent visiting nurse to do medication mgmt– (thank you, Chantel) and a doctor and CNA for personal care too under hospice program. OVERALL, 5 star 5 star business! PROPS, and THANK YOU, GRACE!!! ? Job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty A.

This is my first experience with a rehab center and it was for my 100 year old mother who suffered pelvic fractures. The facility was quiet, clean,  yet there were activities for anyone who cared to participate. My mother also has dementia and the activity side was great for her. I think she enjoyed it. I also appreciate Connie, her therapist, who was kind and considerate of her special needs. Another thanks to Sarah and Lali, who kept me in the loop with her progress and seemed to genuinely care.

Jane A.

As short-term skilled nursing facilities go, this one is top-tier. My elderly mom was a patient at this facility a year or two ago when it was under other ownership and management, and frankly we were not impressed. The place was dingy and woefully understaffed and unresponsive. She’s just leaving there after a couple of weeks post-hip-surgery, and I can say that it’s changed so much for the better under the current management. It’s bright and clean, the staff is involved and very caring and attentive to my mom’s needs, and knew how to coax her to do her physical therapy even when she didn’t feel like it. I want to give a shout-out to all the staff: to Nick and Lauren, the PT and OT specialists, to the nurses, the kind CNAs, the servers and cleaning crew — all are super. Special thanks to Lisa the Director of Social Services who has helped me coordinate my mom’s care and answered tons of questions patiently and with humor.

Debbie B.